Your Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Seiler and one of his expert cosmetic consultants will be a 45 to 60 minute comprehensive visit to discuss your complete medical and cosmetic skin concerns. 
After determining your needs, Dr. Seiler will make recommendations for a treatment plan including cosmetic laser and aesthetic treatments. Medical grade skincare will become part of your treatment plan to ensure that you obtain optimal results and protect your investment in your skin. As a patient of Seiler Skin, we will lead you through each step of your treatment plan, following up with you after each visit along your way and continuing to re-consult with you to evaluate progress, results, and continuing treatment plans.
Ongoing consultations help us to continually re-evaluate your progress so that you are achieving your goals. Our philosophy of treating your skin is proven effective from years of experience. Seiler Skin patients who are committed to their skin love their results and so will you!
At Seiler Skin, your treatment plan is like exercise for your skin. Your skin needs daily exercise to stay healthy and looking beautiful. This plan incorporates your daily medical grade skincare. Depending on your concerns, we can add treatments and procedures to enhance your skin's exercise regimen. Our skincare experts are the personal trainers for your skin. 
Part of Dr. Seiler's treatment success is due to his ability to diagnose the cause of your concerns. He will then determine if further evaluation is necessary and can involve trusted specialists in different medical specialties if you have issues or problems that can affect your skin such as hormone imbalance, allergies, medical dermatology concerns, or plastic surgery needs.
Therefore, you will receive a full consultation and education on your initial and ongoing visits so we can assess all of your concerns. At Seiler Skin, we treat you, our patient, and not just the concern. Read Dr. Seiler's blog and learn about The Seiler Skin Difference.

If you live out of town, Dr. Seiler can see you for a consultation via Skype or online video.  Contact us to schedule 205-870-0204.  Please view our appointment cancellation policy