Letters Regarding Dr. Seiler's Training

I attended a training class at Seiler Skin and it was a great experience. Everyone there was so welcoming and kind. I would recommend them to anyone in the area. I look forward to attending some more training in the near future. Thank you to you all for the hospitality and education we received that day.

Patti Hudson

Dr. Seiler conducted a training seminar at our office and was proficient in his knowledge of patient anatomy and a multitude of dermal fillers and botulinum toxins. He has a keen eye and is able to augment the more youthful aspects of a patients face while maintaining a natural look. After spending a day working with him it is clear that he has refined his own natural aesthetic talents through years of discipline practice and personal study.

Kristin Kalmbacher, MD

I recently had the privilege attending a training presented by Dr. Warren Seiler covering use of Allergan's Voluma and Juvederm. The afternoon covered both the academic/didactic portion as well as hands on time. The classroom teaching was excellent. There was enough interaction and detail to prevent it from becoming a memorized, uninformative speech as some trainings are. It was very helpful that Dr. Seiler demonstrated his consult approach and evaluation technique on a model patient as well as on those of us in the room learning. Asking questions was very easy since he was very relaxed, unrushed and personable the entire duration of his stay. The hands-on time was also beneficial since he was willing to let the class inject as he critiqued the techniques in a constructive manner. I would certainly highly recommend Dr. Seiler as an educator for this or any other product that a company may wish to have reviewed and demonstrated. It was one of the most helpful presentations that I have attended and I will hopefully be able to speak with him further to gain more insight and experience. 

Sincerely yours,

Abert E. Rivera, DO

Dermatologist/Mohs Surgeon 

Dr. Seiler,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know we really appreicate you coming to Huntsville to do the Allergan Epic training last week. Dr. Edmonson thought your curriculum and training tips were very informative. It was also very advantageous to have two other physicians there to bounce around ideas, tips and tricks with as well. Having multiple models with different facial structures and aesthetic needs was very helpful, especially with your excellent hands on training approach. 

Thanks again for everything, 

Julianne S. Gunn

Dear Dr. Seiler,

I am pleased and delighted to inform you that I have recently passed the ABLS oral exam.  Having you Dr. Seiler as my oral examiner was such an honor.

My association with the ABLS since the day I registered was incredibly pleasant and very educational.  I truly appreciate the proactive approach you and your staff provided during this career posting experience.

I am a dermatologist at the advanced clinics in Jeddah-KSA.  I have been practicing medicine for almost 8 years and I have set many written and oral exams during the last few years and I always believe that as much as we prepare for the exam as a student, there is always something new we learn through the exam itself.  My orax exam with Dr. Seiler was very valuable and knowledgeable as we discussed different interesting topics and I was so happy and amazed about his intelligent interaction.  I felt so comfortable and blessed each time I finished my answers and he gave me the confidence to answer the next questions.  Dr. Seiler is a good listener, he has a wonderful personality.  I wish and am looking forward to meet him in person in the USA soon.

Thank you very much Dr. Seiler for examining me and thank the ABLS for giving me the pleasure to know such a great physician.

It is my opinion that the ABLS provides candidates like myself with the supplementary tools to make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for your diligent and kind regards.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Hanadi Abuyousif

My oral exam with Dr. Seiler was amazing and very interesting, he and I had a great discussion about different topics in laser. Thank you very much Dr. Seiler for examining me, I wish you all the best.

The ABLS has added great value to my career, I am amazed how I can now combine general dermatology with new technology in lasers. My words cannot express how grateful I am.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Seiler & the ABLS, you truly helped my training in so many ways.

Dr. Hanadi Abuyousif

I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Warren Seiler in my office at the Laser Skin Center in Northport Alabama for Voluma injection training.  Dr. Seiler was extremely caring and professional with my clients, and very attentive in assuring I performed the procedures correctly with the clients safety and comfort level being priority. Overall he made me feel at ease and proved why Allergan utilizes his expertise to train physicians on the use of their products.

Jeff Parker, M.D.

I spent 2 days with Dr. Seiler getting hands-on additional training in CO2 fractional laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, Fraxel nonablative laser resurfacing, Exilis radiofrequency body contouring, Intense Pulsed Light, and Lamprobe radiofrequency unit. This was an amazing experience unparalleled by a weekend course of any sort. Having had many years of experience using lasers, I wanted to get more accustomed to a greater variety of lasers and to discuss settings and perioperative care. The other component of this experience is with his staff. They worked as a “well oiled machine” together as a team. I learned a lot about practice management and medical spa design from his staff. They are knowledgeable about the various skin care lines and perioperative care. Dr. Seiler and his staff have a professional atmosphere with patient focused care. This experience would be helpful for staff members as well. Dr. Seiler has a great amount of knowledge regarding cosmetic laser surgery and is wonderful resource to learn from.

Carrie Morris, MD

Dr Seiler visited our facility Still Waters Medical Spa in Pensacola to advance our clinicians techniques in injectable fillers, primarily Voluma. He is very informative, patient with hands on training, and a great resource as well for laser treatments. I feel he improved my abilities for contouring the "lean" face, while maintaining a very natural appearance.

Mary Anne Aanestad ARNP 

I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Warren B. Seiler in our office as he spent time training me and my staff. I have worked with injectables for several years but was considering the use of a new product and Dr. Seiler did a great job introducing me to the product and the new injecting techniques. He was professional, extremely knowledgeable and thorough in answering all of our questions. The training provided by Dr. Seiler reassured our interest in the product and we along with our patients are very pleased with the outcome. Thanks Dr. Seiler for sharing your time and expertise!   Respectfully,  

Steven L. Mackey, MD  

Dear Dr. Seiler, 
Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to extend my deep appreciation to the ABLS team, Administration and your good self . All the stages of the ABLS have been passed very smoothly.  Although I found the laser physic and tissue interaction chapter is a bit complicated but the study material is generally very informative, the written exam was very challenging and the required scores were high even with the open book facility so it grandees that the ABLS holders are qualified fellows.  Truly I enjoyed the oral exam, you managed the discussion in a friendly and professional way. ABLS is an excellent experience and I surely will recommended it to my colleagues. 
Best Wishes ,

It was a learning experience going through the ABLS structured exams. Starting from the basic scientific concepts of lasers to the high-end usage of lasers and future concepts, these are discussed in the study materials provided. I had taken the written examinations step-by-step so as to have ample time to understand the theory in between the clinical practice information. The oral examination was also simplified through the online video conferencing, and a wide array of my clinical practice and experiences were discussed. This gave me an insight into further enhancing my practice guidelines.
I wish to thank the Board for enrolling me and providing me the necessary knowledge in this field.
Thanks and regards,
Dr. James Z., M.D.
Dermatologist U.A.E. 

Thanks Dr. Seiler, it was pleasure talking to you! The ABLS is an excellent experience to me, I will recommend it to my colleagues.  All the best and looking forward for further co- operation.  Dr. Labib   

Dear Dr. Seiler, I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. It was a learning experience going through ABLS structured exams. Starting from the basic scientific concepts of lasers to high end usage of lasers and future concepts are discussed in the study materials provided. I had taken the examination step by step so as to have ample time to understand the theory in between the clinical practice...    

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Dear Dr. Seiler, The exam interview with you earlier today was a great delight. Talking about my experience in using the laser especially diode and erbium is very interesting to me and I can go on about it for ages as it is a great passion of mine. Talking about my experience in diode laser in dentistry (teeth bleaching, root canal treatment, gingival depigmentation and periodontal disease) and use of erbium laser 2940 nm in cavity preparation and also in skin resurfacing was a very nice time to learn from you about facial cosmetic and skin rejuvenation. I hope to meet you in the USA in the future and work with you on all laser skin treatment. Thank you again for this exam, Dr. Mohammed Saleem, Saudi Arabia

I first met Dr. Seiler in Jacksonville, FL in 2009. I had just begun practicing out of fellowship and bought a new CO2 Lumenis laser. Dr. Seiler was flown in to train me on laser resurfacing. Dr. Seiler’s brilliance and medical expertise was obvious from the start. Not only did he possess an incredible bedside manner with the patients, but his knowledge base on the physics and science behind the laser technology was extensive and truly astounded me. I’m very lucky to have met Dr. Seiler. Since that time, he has remained my friend and colleague and has advised me in almost every aspect of my current practice... 

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I am writing in reference to Warren B. Seiler III, MD who visited our office on October 19, 2009 to provide training for the ActiveFX and DeepFX laser. This training was extremely beneficial to our staff and has helped us tremendously. Dr. Seiler gave us very practical information and material we can relate to clinically. Dr. Seiler's explanations of the new ActiveFX and DeepFX laser treatment were excellent. Lumenis should be very proud to have such a wonderful representative of their products and services...

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A review from Dr. Robbins after completion of the board examination by Dr. Seiler for ABLS certification: I am a board certified plastic surgeon in Des Moines, Iowa.  My practice is 100% cosmetic in nature and lasers encompass a large portion of my practice. I elected to pursue Board certification by the ABLS for several reasons.  First, I have always performed lasers in my practice but we were expanding the number, variety and type of lasers we offered so I wanted to have something that distinguished me from the rest of the practitioners out there performing laser procedures...

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I truly enjoyed my training with Dr. Warren. He is dynamic, and he took me from zero to 100 in no time. He is also a movie star. Take a look at our news coverage. It was too bad you were not here!

Michael S. Escobedo, M.D.

A review from Dr. Ghanem after completion of the board examination by Dr. Seiler for ABLS certification: After practicing Dermatology for 30 years, 14 years of which focused on cosmetic dermatology, I decided to study for the exams of the American Board of Laser Surgery.  This proved to be a very fruitful experience....

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A review from Dr. Seki after completion of the board examination by Dr. Seiler for ABLS certification: I am Dr. Masahiro Seki, Japanese Veterinarian. I have a private practice in Nagoya, Japan. There are many happy patients in my practice after I began to use Laser for treatment of animals. I used to feel that many patients get a lot of stress from traditional treatment and sometimes they are exposed to risk for taking a surgery. Especially, in Japan there aren't good solutions for it. 

One day I encountered a book named " Veterinary Laser Surgery". According to the book, the laser surgery can remove unnecessary stress and risk such as extensive bleeding. So, I decided to learn the newest method in the US. Then I searched what is the most trustworthy organization in America. Finally, I found a great board and it was the American Board of Laser Surgery...

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I recently received my Diplomate from the American Board of Laser Surgery. The Board was founded in 1984 and this is the highest level of certification that one can receive in the safe and effective use of lasers in medical and cosmetic therapies. As we all know and agree, an M.D in dermatology does not automatically qualify us in a true understanding of laser physics. There is'nt much training imparted in the residency level and most of the training, if any, are imparted by the manufacturers themselves. The last 15 years have seen an explosion of a score of various laser and light based devices in the Indian market, and the Indian skin can be particularly challenging to work with. Lasers are highly sophisticated and dangerous devices which can cause a lot of iatrogenic injury to patient, and sometimes to treating physician, if they are not used correctly...


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A review from Huma Khurrum after completion of the board examination by Dr. Seiler for ABLS certification: Enjoyed thoroughly this opportunity to reflect. An excellent program – I learned a lot. A very high pedagogical standard with flexible timings. Very reasonably priced too. I have personally gained enormous amount of knowledge in lasers physics and mechanics – covered many interesting topics. This is one of the few courses I've ever taken where the study guide reinforced all of the material covered. The material was presented in a well thought out, easily digestible way. I am able to put this knowledge to immediate use at my work since the completion of this course! Highly recommended for dermatologists!

Huma Khurrum, Riyadh (KSA)

A review from Lori Haney after completion of the board examination by Dr. Seiler for ABLS certification: As a Registered Nurse working with Class IV medical lasers, I found it challenging to connect with fellow practitioners that had a similar interest and knowledge base for such a specific specialty.  I discovered that ABLS was an excellent organization to align medical practitioners worldwide in an effort to pursue best practices and stay on the forefront of research...

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Dr. Seiler was awesome for training. He is very knowledgeable and just a wealth of information on the laser, marketing, etc. Everyone enjoyed his visit out here and we have been in contact with him on a regular basis when we have additional questions.

Dave Robbins

Everything has been going well with the Duet, and we really wanted to thank you for the wonderful training, as well as all the information on the UltraPulse. I talked with our Drs. and they said they would be very interested in having you come back for some Advanced Training on the UltraPulse, but it would be after the first of the year. I also sent Trip a note regarding this and told him how much we appreciated having a Physician do our training. I asked him to pass it on to his manager and to whom ever else it would be appropriate.

Donna, Dermatologist S.C.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help today! I hope that your trip was enjoyable (at least for a business one). I wanted to let you know that you are always welcome to come to our office if you wanted to see some oculoplastic things or orbit stuff since you said that you did not get to see those things in residency. Also I will send you a cd of all of my forms that you can look at to see if you want to use. I am sure that you have everything streamlined but I know I am always interested...

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I have known Doctor Seiler since he was a surgery resident at Carraway Methodist Medical Center beginning in 2003.  During this time I found him to be a committed young surgeon who had excellent surgical skills and took very good care of patients. It was a pleasure having Doctor Seiler do a rotation in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he spent time in the operating room, seeing patients in the clinic and rounding in the hospital.  He worked on academic assignments which he sought out. He also worked on three peer review publications and he took it upon himself to rewrite one entire paper on “Metastasis of Breast Cancer” and composed the manuscript in the case of another on “The use of Radial Forearm Free-Tissue Transfer”. Doctor Seiler’s moral and ethical characteristics are unblemished.  He is has excellent rapport with peers and patients alike. 

Luis O. Vasconez, MD

I am happy to write this strong letter and highly recommend Dr. Seiler.  I have known Dr. Seiler personally for the last year.  I have found him to be an excellent clinician and laser surgeon.  He is highly trained and knowledgeable of the latest laser technologies that will make a medical practice flourish.  He has searched for improvements in his techniques and regularly visits the meetings of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, which is one of the most important aesthetic lasers societies in the United States.  He is very caring for all his patients and his integrity and general character are beyond reproach.  

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schuster and I were very satisfied with our Duet training on Friday Oct 23, 2009 with Dr. Seiler. He arrived on a timely manner as agreed upon. We started with a didactic session for an hour and saw clients for the remaining of the day. Dr. Seiler was extremely professional and informative with me. It was beneficial to me that each of my clients presented a different body area to treat which allowed him to show me different positioning techniques...

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Dr. Seiler really helped us out of a jam and trained Dr. Ford’s office in Presque Isle, ME. I received a call from Dr. Ford’s surgical RN yesterday who flat out said that the entire practice loved him. They were so happy with all aspects of what he brought to the table. In fact, she told me that they are considering a trip to Birmingham, AL to visit his practice. They couldn’t have asked for more and couldn’t be happier. I’ll look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again. Take care.

Matt Degrandpre

Dr. Seiler,

Thank you for the fabulous laser training. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Julie Stephenson

I just wanted to let you both know how well I thought the Pearls and Gems Seminar last Thursday was with Dr. Seiler. He was a wonderful presenter and also took the time to sit down with me to teach me some of his wisdom. He was very informative and easy to talk too. My last two experiences with Deb and Dr. Seiler has been very beneficial towards my laser treatments. Hopefully I will get to spend more time learning from them in the future.

Emily Weinhaus PA-C

Dr. Seiler was awesome. Very nice. We were very happy to have him do our training.

Alexandria S. Kongsiri, MD, MPH

Our Lumenis UltraPulse Co2 Laser is up and running. We had the great pleasure of having Dr. Warren Seiler provide the training for us yesterday. We kicked off the day with over 2.5 hours of lectures in the morning, followed by UltraPulse orientation/familiarization, then treated a Fitz III patient with acne scarring, fine perioral/periorbital rhytids, and glabellar creasing using deep IV sedation. The case went flawless and having Dr. Seiler, with his vast background of laser experience, made it that much easier...

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Though I’m somewhat late in doing so, I would like to comment on the orientation process our office experienced in December for the Lumenis laser. First of all, Dr. Seiler was very accommodating in the scheduling process and he was punctual on the day scheduled. The information he gave was organized and well delivered, in as much as, I’ve had other similar experiences in which the orientation was “disorienting”...

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I have already sung your professional praises and am looking forward to improving my practice as well. Thank you again for sharing some of your time and expertise with myself as well as the staff here at Cape Fear Aesthetics. The staff really benefitted from your lecture and feel that this will allow us to better market the laser part of our practice.

Dr. Edward Dickerson, Cape Fear Aesthetics, Fayetteville NC

Thanks so much for all the time you spent helping out our office we really appreicate everything you did for us you will be getting a little something in the mail from us to show our apprication if you ever need anything from our office please just lets us know, and if your interested we can send you an inviation to our Christmas Party that we have for everyone about 400 doctors and staff you can bring your wife and spend a little get away in Charleston for the weekend.

Sharon Grant, Mountain State Oral Surgeons