Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal that works . . . see the difference it can make when you come to a specialty center like Seiler Skin in Birmingham, AL. 

Why laser hair removal?

If you want to quit shaving, waxing, or dealing with razor burn and ingrown hairs, we can help you. This procedure safely and permanently kills dark hair with a series of treatments. With the right device and highly trained specialist, you can achieve permanent reduction and disappearance of unwanted dark hair. 

Why come to Seiler Skin for laser hair removal?

For laser hair removal to be safe and effective, you need two things: a great device and a highly trained laser practitioner. You will have both at Seiler Skin!

Seiler Skin uses the High-Speed Light Sheer Duet which is the new standard in laser hair removal. Permanently and comfortably reduce and remove unwanted body hair in a fraction of the time and with minimal discomfort compared to other lasers. 

The Light Sheer Duet uses innovative vacuum-assisted laser technology combined with the largest spot size on any diode laser available to allow comfortable and rapid treatment of large areas - legs and backs can now be treated in 15 minutes or less! 

Our expertise allows us to use this device to it's maximum benefit. Laser hair removal is not just about knowing how to turn on a device and start firing. Your provider must be able to customize settings to your skin type, color and thickness of hair, and take into consideration your skin's reaction to treatment. Our knowledge of the theory and physics of this laser device allows us to give you superior results and safety. 

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How many treatments will you need and what results will you see?

In Dr. Seiler's practice, the Light Sheer Duet is safe and effective in all skin color types including African American skin. The beauty of this device is that it gives significantly less downtime and discomfort than other devices on the market. Patients who have had treatments elsewhere before coming to Seiler Skin (who may or may not have had results or complications) are amazed at the safety, comfort, minimal downtime, and result. You may experience mild redness and/or mild irritation that is usually gone by the night of or day after treatment. This will be minimized with the use of Avene Cicalfate after treatment. 

Permanent hair removal generally requires an average of 6-8 treatments. You will see thinning and reduction of unwanted hair with each treatment, and results after a series are permanent. If you have had treatments elsewhere and have not been pleased with the outcome (results not lasting, treatments not working, burn complications), just come talk to Dr. Seiler and his staff at Seiler Skin. Trust that you will be well treated and will be pleased.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on the area being treated. We recommend you come in for a consultation to determine the price for your treatments. This isn't something we can quote to you over the phone without seeing you and your area of concern. Based on the area, it is an average per treatment cost of $150 to $200 for small areas, $200-$300 for medium size areas, $300 to $400+ for large areas. 

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In this video, Dr. Seiler discusses why we get safe & effective results with laser hair removal:

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