Invite Dr. Seiler to Speak to Your Group!

Over the years, I have been asked by different groups and organizations to give a talk or lecture on the different treatments and procedures that I have to offer.  Sometimes it is more of a discussion of the cosmetic side of my practice and other times it concerns the more medical treatments I offer and patient conditions I can treat such as acne, rosacea (skin redness), melasma and hyperpigmentation, scars, acne scars, stretch marks and others.  I have also spoken about the current state of affairs regarding the changing medical laws governing who can perform laser treatments, what education, training and experience is and should be required, and also how to choose a cosmetic physician and provider.  
I have been told that it is obvious that I love what I do, and this is evident in my speaking engagements and opportunities.  My passion is in helping people and even though you could say that I am not “saving lives,” I believe that I really help people feel better about themselves without being “vain,” and we help them have healthier skin without the need of major procedures and surgery.  These treatments and procedures can help prevent disease and skin cancer.  I love to help patients with acne, melasma, rosacea, acne scarring, traumatic scarring, and stretch marks.  These are conditions that are more “medical” so that is a huge passion of mine besides just the “cosmetic” treatments I offer.  
The following are examples of what I can and love to discuss in groups (small or large):
  • My specialty of cosmetic laser and aesthetic procedures
    • The practice of cosmetic laser and injections is finally becoming recognized by the medical/surgical community and the public as a completely separate specialty with the need for specialty training, education, and experience in addition to whatever the practitioner’s primary training is, no matter what their background is, i.e.  dermatology, surgery, or “non-core”).
  • The conditions I can treat
    • How I can help patients with acne, melasma, rosacea, acne and traumatic scarring, stretch marks and really change their lives.  Usually these patients have previously seen many different physicians without help of their conditions.  I hear it all the time that an acne patient has seen multiple physicians, used tons of antibiotics and even Accutane (which can ruin your skin for life) and never knew that someone like me could really help them by striving to achieve healthier skin through medical grade skin care and new procedures.  
    • Many patients settle for “old” ways of treating these conditions such as just prescribing antibiotics and drying creams for acne when we have many new things to offer patients to help them get their skin in better shape without those old traumatic treatments.
  • Treatment of Scars
    • I specialize in scar treatment.  I am currently making great progress with an African American patient who went through a car window and has scars on the entire left side of her face.  I have been treating her with several lasers that most people in this country would never feel comfortable using in darker skin, but I specialize in these types of procedures.
  • Complications and Burns from Lasers and Injections
    • I can discuss what is going on with all the complications and burns from undertrained practitioners, “medspas”, and even the “well-known” practices due to these procedures being handed off to under trained and under supervised “techs” and also “supervised” by physicians who are not qualified themselves to perform the procedures.  
    • I am currently working with many state medical boards, cosmetology boards, and health/safety regulatory agencies to strengthen laws for better patient treatment and safety.  I have finished a 1.5 year project that has resulted in a 70 page document with another >30 pages of information that is being submitted to each state medical board to try to help them change laws for safer and more effective practice.
  • Specific Procedures:  Safe, Effective, Affordable
    • I can discuss any of the procedures I offer, medical or cosmetic, and how they help patients.  This can be a discussion of how these procedures can be safe, effective, and affordable and make future patients more comfortable in considering possible treatments.
    • Patients should not feel vain or guilty for wanting healthier and better looking skin and appearance.  Unfortunately the media makes us all feel that we have to look our best but feel guilty doing something to get there!
  • The Seiler Skin Difference
    • How we are different from any other practice in that I have highly trained all my staff and I am very experienced in what I do.  My practice prides itself on having very educated staff as we offer great care to patients.  
    • How we are different from traditional dermatology and plastic surgery
  • Beauty and healthy skin without surgery
    • How what we offer can help patients have better and healthier skin without surgery or even major procedures (we treat a lot of patients who see improvement without even doing the “bigger” procedures I offer).
  • Prevention!
    • How what we offer patients can help them avoid surgery, especially if they start taking better care of their skin earlier in age.  
    • How we can help to prevent skin cancer and other skin sensitivities and diseases with medical grade skincare and procedures all directed by a physicia
  • Younger Patients: It’s never too early!
    • Why patients should come see us at a young age to get on good medical grade skincare and a good sunblock (no over the counter sunblock is sufficient compared to medical grade sunblocks that you have to get from a physician).
    • Affordable procedures with no to minimal downtime to help keep skin healthy
  • Older Patients: It’s never too late!
    • Many of our patients are 60s to 80s and can see major improvements in their skin without surgery.  Older patients sometimes wrongly assume that nothing but surgery can help them but we have many options to assist them in achieving healthier and better looking skin without them feeling like they are “trying to look too young.”
  • The truth about sunblock:  
    • How just wearing medical grade sunblock can help prevent skin cancer and aging.  
    • You are not really getting a good sunblock like you might think you are from over the counter products.  
  • Men and skin health and beauty
    • Men are really starting to take better care of their skin with the help of our practice.
    • It has finally become completely acceptable for men to care about how their skin looks and seek treatments to help them with their skin concerns.
  • How do you pick a cosmetic physician?
    • What you need to know about the training one should have, what type of practitioner can perform different procedures according to state medical law, and what is the difference between your physician (of any specialty) who just “offers” these procedures compared to someone who “specializes” in them.  Don’t you want to go to the specialist?
  • Fake products, fraudulent practices
    • Be aware of fake products, fake Botox, illegal online product sales, and practices and facilities who claim they are qualified to offer these procedures when they are far from qualified.
    • I have worked with the DEA and state medical boards to investigate these issues and help educate the public about the truth behind these fraudulent places.
These are just a few examples of topics I can discuss on any level and for any type or size of group.  I believe the two that would be most popular to the news and media are about my specialty (that it takes a lot of education and training specifically in my field to know what you are doing.  No primary residency training give adequate training without further specialty training to do these procedures.  Most patients don’t know that just because you are a good dermatologist, surgeon or general physician doesn’t mean you are automatically qualified to perform injections and laser procedures.  Just because a plumber is good at plumbing doesn’t make him automatically qualified to fix your computer!).  The other topic is discussing all the burns and complications in the news and in court of law and what needs to be done!
The following are several blogs I have written to help you more understand what I do, am passionate about and can discuss (there are many others on our website):

Here is a link to my CV which is updated frequently with new things and is available on our website.  Thank you for your potential interest in having me speak! 

Warren B. Seiler III, MD