Fraxel Restore Dual

Fraxel Restore Dual

Dr. Seiler is Birmingham's MD laser specialist! One of his favorite treatments that has minimal downtime and delivers great results for overall skin rejuvenation and correction of pigmentary issues is the Fraxel Dual. Fraxel was named the 2015 Winner of the Aesthetic Industry Award for Best Fractional Skin Rejuvenation!

What is Fraxel Re:store Dual?

The Fraxel Restore Dual (1550/1927) laser procedure performed by Dr. Seiler is a safe and effective treatment for various skin concerns. Fraxel is the gold standard for non-ablative (non-skin removing) skin resurfacing with minimal social downtime. Fraxel laser energy penetrates the skin and induces heat in multiple depths to stimulate collagen remodeling and remove abnormal pigment. 

As opposed to older Fraxel lasers, the Fraxel Re:store Dual has a new laser wavelength to better address pigmentation and fine lines on the face and entire body with less social downtime and in fewer treatments than before. Dr. Seiler will combine the two laser wavelengths (1550 for deep treatment of lines and wrinkles and 1927 for superficial treatment of pigment and texture) depending on your skin concerns. The Fraxel Re:store Dual has a wide range of treatment levels to address mild to severe skin conditions, so it is very customizable for the individual patient. 

What does it treat?

  • Early Signs of Age (Prevention)
  • Aging Skin
  • Melasma, Pregnancy Mask, Hormonal Hyperpigmentation
  • Enlarged & Overactive Pores
  • Discoloration, Sun Damage, Abnormal Pigment
  • Lines & Wrinkles, Texture
  • Acne Scars & Other Scars (read Dr. Seiler's blog on how he treats acne scars)
  • Stretch Marks

Patients of all ages can benefit from different strengths and numbers of treatment for various skin concerns.  

When will you see results and how long do results last?

You will begin to see pigment resolution immediately after two to four days of healing time. Your skin will look smoother, have smaller pores and require less makeup in the first few months. Reduction of deeper lines, wrinkles, and scars will continue during the first year and last for years. Sun avoidance and proper maintenance skincare will ensure the longevity of results. 

Because Fraxel is a minimal downtime procedure, it works best in multiple treatments. Depending on your skin concerns, Dr. Seiler will recommend one or more treatments in the initial series and maintenance treatments every 6 to 12 months to keep your skin looking great. Each treatment will provide results and build on previous results. 

In addition to giving you great results from Fraxel Dual, we offer a 12 month follow-up plan which includes special discount pricing on additional/maintenance procedures ( i.e. Botox, Juvederm, skincare products and other laser procedures) to help you be even happier with your overall skin health!

What is the downtime of Fraxel Restore Dual?

You will have mild to moderate redness for two to four days. More agressive treatments may produce mild to moderate swelling for two to three days. Generally makeup may be worn two to four days after the treatment. You will likely not have pain or discomfort after the immediate post-treatment sensation of heat. You will have pigment shedding (sign of a good result) for three to seven days. Body areas such as neck and chest may have longer pigment shedding. 

You will be comfortable during your treatment due to Dr. Seiler's expertise with topical numbing cream (numbing injections and oral medication may also be used). You will have a very detailed and specialized pre and post care regimen which will ensure safe healing and great results. 

Why do we recommend Fraxel Restore Dual?

If you want improvement in your skin but cannot have a lot of social downtime, Fraxel may be right for you. Fraxel can also safely treat darker skinned patients. Fraxel is great for younger patients wanting to prevent the signs of aging and maintain healthy skin. However, older patients will also benefit from this minimal downtime treatment. Uncover the skin of your youth with minimal impact on your daily routine!

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